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March 6th, 2014 I See Penguins – Where the Crazy Is


I’m getting an MRI of my head tomorrow morning, presumably for an inner ear thing. I told my darling adult children what was going on and the immediate response from my lovely daughter was, “Oh they’ll get a good look at where the crazy is!” And my son, whom I lovingly call the Pirate, cannot stop laughing. Nice kids!

I’ve always been a little bit quirky. Those who know and love me just shake their heads and accept the mind of Anne. I often tell people about the ridiculous things that are going on in there regardless of how embarrassing it is or how stupid or crazy it makes me appear. Mostly because it’s funny. Then there is the penguin.

Nice Husband Bill and I row a double sculling skiff up and down the river all summer for exercise. We also get great joy at spotting birds and animals. So it was perfectly natural when I glanced off my port side shoulder and saw a penguin. Yes, a penguin. Penguins are not indigenous to our area. Nor are they normally found within thousands of miles of us except in zoos. Yet that is what I saw.

Upon taking a closer look, I realized my penguin was actually a small boat buoy – white on the bottom, black on the top. The mooring eye where you would normally attach a boat line was bent way over so it looked very much like my penguin’s beak. I could have kept it to myself but I told Nice Husband Bill so he got a chuckle too.

Then I couldn’t stop seeing that penguin. Even knowing that buoy was there, every time we rowed upriver, I’d glance over my shoulder and think, “Oh, a penguin!” as I jumped with surprise and almost dropped my oar. Time after time, season after season.

Nice Husband Bill just got used to me losing my mind for a moment as we passed the penguin. He used the penguin as a navigational marker – “Do you want to turn around at the osprey nest or cut it short at the penguin?”

Then one day the penguin was gone. The people who owned it replaced it with a round red-and-white buoy that looks nothing like a penguin. The magic is gone. We lament the demise of the penguin but anyone who knows will never let me forget about it. And that’s OK. I embrace the crazy.

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