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July 24th, 2014 Now I See Flamingos

Now I see flamingos. If you haven’t heard about my affinity to see things that aren’t there, see this blog post: I See Penguins – Where the Crazy Is. But I think these were actually real. Just last week I was standing on my deck talking to my neighbor when, what to my wondering eyes should appear but a pair of flamingos. Directly. Overhead. They looked like the flamingo in this photo.

Flamingo in Flight – 10,000 Birds

I (who knows something about birds) was astounded as my neighbor (who knows nothing about birds) starting yelling, “I’ve never seen anything like those before!” And I started yelling for Nice Husband Bill (who knows everything about birds.) He had just stepped inside moments before but by the time he came back out, the birds were long gone. What a difference 10 seconds makes.

So now the conundrum. Do I say I saw flamingos on the New Jersey shore? (I think I just did.) Or were they actually swans or funny flying egrets with a perplexing pink and red undercarriage? Or just chalk it up to The Mind of Anne?

Nice husband Bill consoled me by revealing that some friends of ours who live just a few miles away claimed to have seen flamingos by their house. But that was years ago.

Then there is the joke about Birdsnap. If you don’t know about Birdsnap, it’s a bird identification app that uses facial recognition to help would-be birders identify birds that they spot. There is much debate in the birding world whether this app will create lazy birders on one hand or spur on more interest in birding on the other. I tested it out and for me there is no concern warranted for either camp. Birdsnap identified an English Sparrow on my feeder as a Wild Turkey and a House Wren as an Eastern Screech Owl. There is some work to be done there. It just hasn’t worked for us. But we’ve had great fun calling all the sparrows and wrens we’ve spotted by their turkey and owl Birdsnap names. (Someday a real birder is going to hear us and take away our birding privileges.)

Perhaps I am the human version of Birdsnap – seeing flamingos that in reality are something quite different. But I was so very sure. So for now, I hang out on the deck, eyes to the sky waiting for another chance, hopefully this time I’ll have a camera in hand or at least have a more reliable witness nearby. After all, I see penguins and now flamingos where they couldn’t possibly be.

PS – After I wrote this I took a break. I heated something in the microwave while rinsing out the sink with the sprayer. I inadvertently caught the faucet with the sprayer hose and turned off the water at the same nanosecond the microwave stopped. My brain went straight to the assumption that I must have tripped a circuit breaker causing both events. Yes, that would be electricity and water. My husband saw my confusion and I confessed where my brain went. He just shook his head in disbelief. Any semblance of credibility I had with that man is now completely gone.

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